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J. Neilson, ABS Mastersmith
Mountain Hollow Knives

I’m J. Neilson. I’ve been a full-time knife-maker for over 10 years and I became an American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith in 2008. I have always had a great fondness for the outdoors and knives, which I was able to fully develop out in the “sticks” of north-eastern PA. I enjoy the freedom knife making gives me to try new things and since I get bored doing the same old stuff, this is the perfect outlet because there are so many styles of knives and varieties of materials to work with. So, when Keith and Dana contacted me about doing meteorite knives, I was immediately intrigued. We’ve all seen the “standard” meteorite knives but, we discussed trying something different. As opposed to doing the standard “laminate” set up, where, in the end you can hardly tell the difference in steels, we took a different approach. We are taking Meteorite shavings and “bits & pieces” and I am welding my billets up in a canister style. This involves taking square tubing, welding a cap in the inside of one end and filling the can with a mixture of Meteorite material and high carbon powdered steel; then adding a cap to the top in the same fashion as the bottom. The can is placed in my forge and
brought up to welding temperatures with a pin hole in the “can” to burn out any oxygen and impurities. The canister is soaked in the heat until it is the correct temperature all the way through and then forged into one solid piece of steel. From there I remove the outercan/skin and the steel can be forged/manipulated however I desire.
     Each batch of different “Meteorite Blades” are fully tested just as any of my standard blade steels. The mixing of the Meteorite material with the high carbon steel makes for a very beautiful, and just as important, a very functional blade. We will be constantly coming up with new ideas and designs in both the materials and styles, so I invite you to check back regularly or ask to be added to our mailing lists to see new projects as they are completed.
Thanks again,
J. Neilson
ABS Mastersmith

J. has won various knife making awards and has been featured in magazines such as Blade Magazine, Knives Illustrated, Tactical Knives & Knife World as well as several books, including "Art of the Knife" by Joe Ketzman, "Tomahawks - Traditional to Tactical" by David Grant, "500 Knives" by Lark Books; and he is always featured in the "Knives Annual" books. He has taught  knife-making and damascus-making classes for several years at seminars (“hammer-ins”) in the United States and Canada.

Click here for a link to J's YouTube video showing how he creates these Stellar knives!

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