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Stabilization Before and After 

 Our Process does cause changes to your Meteorite Specimen.
1)  It will lose weight - the amount depends on how badly rusted your specimen is; not only visibly but also what may be inside the specimen that you can't see.
2)  There is the possibility that your specimen could fall apart into multiple pieces; and in extreem cases, literally crumble into nothing. Rust is sometimes the only thing holding your specimen together.
3)  The outside patina of your specimen will no longer have the natural look. Our process removes the rustly brownish natural patina completely. We can make it look like a fresh meteorite but we cannot reverse the process once we have completed it. Please see the pictures of Before and After that we have posted here so that you can fully understand what Stabilization will do to your specimen besides help it to be more stable.
We do not guarantee that your meteorite will not rust or come apart after Stabilization.

The Before and After pictures below show the specimen side by side, at the same position in both pictures so you can truly see the difference our process makes. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Agoudal BeforeAgoudal After
Agoudal - BeforeAgoudal - After

Canyon Diablo Before Canyon Diablo After
Canyon Diablo - BeforeCanyon Diablo - After

Grant - Before
Grant - After
Grant - BeforeGrant - After

NWA 2957 - Before
NWA 2957 - After
NWA 2957 - BeforeNWA 2957 - After

Taza - Before
Taza - After
Taza - BeforeTaza- After

Lake Murray - BeforeLake Murray - After
Lake Murray - BeforeLake Murray - After

Odessa - Before
Odessa - AFter
Odessa - BeforeOdessa - After

Brahin End Cut - Before
Brahin End Cut - AFter
Brahin End Cut - BeforeBrahin End Cut - After

Brahin End Cut Face - Before
Brahin End Cut Face - After
Brahin End Cut Face - BeforeBrahin End Cut Face - After

Muonionalusta - Before
Muonionalusta - After
Muonionalusta - BeforeMuonionalusta - After

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