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Meteorite Type: Stony Iron
Classification: Pallasite MG 
Location:  Admire, Lyon County Kansas, U.S.A. 
Discovered: 1881
Total Known Weight: ~ 2 Ton

Admire Pallasite Meteorite "Nuggets"
  OurAdmire Pallasite Meteorite Nuggets have been Stabilized.

The pictures are taken with bright, cool LED lighting to bring out the crystal color.

Admire Pallasite Meteorite Nugget - 35.1 gms
Admire Pallasite Meteorite Nugget - 16.9 gms
35.1  grams
16.9  grams

Admire Pallasite Meteorite "Nuggets"

The Admire Pallasite Meteorite has been a real challenge. It is one of the most beautiful pallasites available, yet has also been known to be a "ruster". Because of this we have spent years developing a stabilization process which destroys and removes the erosion deep inside the meteorite. We have sent slices all over the world - Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, France, England, Australia; and even our own Hawaii and Georgia - trying to find the most humid areas to test our process. We now have over ten years in all these locations with absolutely no change in our Admire Pallasite Meteorite Slices! The results are quite amazing; as you can see. Learning how to choose the best candidate for our stabiliztion process is also key, as with all meteorites, some specimens are just better candidates than others for stabilization.
Our Admire Pallasite Meteorite Nuggets are the best of both worlds - you get a stunning pallasite meteorite individual with crystals sticking out in it's natural metal matrix - which looks like it would have while out in space

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