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For proper Care and Feeding
of your "new" Meteorite, choose the type you have!
Anything worth having usually requres some effort - and owning an amazing meteorite that went through so much to get to our Earth is no exception. As a rule, you cannot buy any meteorite and just let it sit on a shelf somewhere.  Depending on the kind of meteorite you have purchased, you will need to do some things to ensure that they remain stable.

*Important Storage Information*
You absolutely can not store ANY Meteorite in a plastic bag. They WILL RUST.
Please make sure you have appropiate storage for your specimens.

Etched Iron Slices and Pallasite Slices

Iron Meteorites

Other helpful tidbits and information
about taking care of your meteorite!
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*Please Note*
Most of the meteorites that we offer here on our website are either solid iron meteorites or contain quite a bit of iron in them. What this means is that they WILL require maintenance; and depending on where you live, they could require a lot of work, or even be unstable. The primary reason for this is humidity.
We can not guarantee a meteorite to remain stable for any length of time because we can not control how it is maintained or stored once it has left us.
If you live in a humid area, please contact us and ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing.

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