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Moisture is the main enemy of any meteorite. Moisture can be residing way down in your favorite specimen or  in your display case and you don't even know it. To help protect agains moisture, we recommend a small dehumidifier,  called the "Renewable mini dehumidifier".  When it gets too much moisture in it, the pellets turn pink and you know you need to take it to a place where moisture is not a problem and plug it in. The unit then warms up and releases the moisture into the air and it is ready to keep your display cases dry again! These units cost about $20.00 each and the manufacturer claims they will last 10 years.

What to look for
If you are enjoying your collection, it should be easy for you to notice the first signs of rust happening on your meteorites. Look closely for any discoloration at least once a month. You are looking for small brown or yellow spots or smudges. The oil on our hands can actually cause rust spots - so if you notice fingerprint- looking rusty spots and have children.....! Seriously, though, if you have etched slices in particular, try to hold the slices by the edges when admiring them.! If you notice any possible rust areas, just follow the direction given in the Etched Iron Slices care section.
ATF (Automatic Transmission fluid) has long been known to have excellent rust inhibitors and has been used for many years. It is the tried and true oil to protect your meteorites. We have used it for several years with complete success and highly recommend that you use it as instructed also. When putting your meteorite in ATF overnight, use a plastic container. We have found that this is the easiest way to get a complete coat on your specimen. If you are treating more than one etched slice at a time, make sure to place papertowels between them to protect them from scratching each other.

If you have an individual iron that is rusting from the inside out you can bake it in the oven at a minimum of212 degrees with the oven door open at a rate of one pound per hour, this will draw out the internal moisture.  It is best to do this before soaking them in oil.  Once it is cool enough to touch, submerge it in ATF overnight. REMEMBER: Iron meteorites take a LONG  TIME to cool down! Don't try to touch it too soon!
Last Thoughts.......
As always , if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us . We are always happy to help in any way that we can. We hope you will continue to enjoy your meteorites for years and years!

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