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Maintaining Your  Etched Iron Meteorite Slice

Some Meteorites are composed of iron - they will rust unless properly taken care of. Below are instructions on how to keep your meteorite looking like the day you got it!

Items you will need:
Q-tips, CLR (Calcium, Lime, and Rust remover), 90% rubbing alcohol,
ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), and clean, soft, white cotton rags.

1) Dip a Q-tip into the CLR.
2)Touch the area that is rusting with the dipped Q-tip, then gently rub away  the rust.
3) Wipe the entire meteorite down at least 3 times with a soft, clean rag
soaked in rubbing alcohol. You do not want to leave ANY CLR on your meteorite as it will turn the slice yellow.

4) Allow the slice to dry completely.
5) Submerge the slice in ATF, preferably overnight.
6) Remove from the ATF and wipe all the ATF off the slice with a soft rag.

This process will not dull the etch, as long as you don't leave CLR on the slice; and can be done as often as you see rust developing on the surface.
Note: If the entire slice has been overcome by rust then it must be sanded, polished and re-etched. If you purchased your slice from us and this has happened, you can send it to us and we will restore it for you at no charge except for shipping both ways

(The information given on our website is based upon how we treat our meteorites here at KD Meteorites. We are not responsible for any damage as a result of this information.)

Maintaining Your  Pallasite Meteorite Slice

Our Pallasite Meteorite Slices are coated with an acrylic spray which helps protect them from the outside environment. This will  not guarantee that they will not rust. If you live in a humid area, you will need to purchase a display case that is secure and air tight, and add a dehumidifier to the case to help remove the humidity in the air. We recommend that you check your meteorites at least once a month, and please let us know immediately if you notice a change.

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