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January 13, 1931 - December 8, 2016

We lost one of the truly great men in the world on December 8th, 2016. Larry Sloan (Pops to me) was well loved and will be missed at every show. They just won't be the same without his smiling face and quick wit.And popcorn, purple plates, and silver tincture!
Pops was always interested in every kind of meteorite and every story that came with it. He hunted meteorites for decades and was very well respected in the meteorite community. There was never a stranger as far as Pops was concerned.
I love you and miss you Pops.

The top picture is one of my favorites - this is the meteorite that Larry doused and believed it to be over 200 pounds! :-) We were all pleased with it no matter what the weight ended up being - the smile on Pops face tells it all!!

This is another of my favorite pictures. Pops found the 2nd largest Franconia Iron Meteorite ever found - and it is shaped like a heart! It is one of my favorite meteorites in our collection. Pops being Pops; when he decided to sell it to me he informed me that there would be ONE condition to the sale - that he would retain VISITATION with the meteorite! So every gem show I had to make sure that I brought it so that he got his visitation! LOL

This picture was sent to me by John Kashuba. He is holding a piece of Primm, H5 in 2003

Dustin Dickens and Larry at the Denver Coliseum Gem Show
(picture above and below - picture credits Dustin Dickens)

Pops at the Battle Mountain Strewnfield. With, left to right,  Larry Atkins, Todd Parker, Robert Ward, and Pops       (Picture credit Larry Atkins)

Pops at the Indian Butte Strewnfield with Laura Atkins
(Picture credit Laura Atkins)

End of the day after hunting at the Indian Butte strewnfield - from left - Laura Atkins, Scott Johnson, Larry Atkins, Bob Haag, Robert Ward, Todd Parker, Pops
(Photo credit Larry Atkins)

Pops at the Tucson Gem Show in Edwin Thompson's room with Twink Monrad. 
(Photo credit Edwin Thompson)

Pops with Patrick Thompson.
(photo credit Edwin Thompson)

Pops at one of the famous Tucson Dinners with the guys. Starting left - Edwin Thompson, Phil Landel, William Ecclancier, Ralph   , Fred Oslen, Pops,
Jean Jacque Ecclancier, and Mendy Ouzillou
(photo credit Edwin Thompson)

Edwin Thompson with Pops
(Photo credit Edwin Thompson)

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