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The KD Meteorite Collection
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Stony Iron Pallasites

Admire Pallasite Meteorite Collection Ahumada Pallasite Meteorite Slice - 101.2 gms
Acomita Admire Ahumada

Brahin Pallasite Meteorite Click here for our Brenham Pallasite Meteorite Collection!
Albin Brahin Brenham

Choteau Pallasite Meteorite - 117.52 grams Conception Junction Pallasite Meteorite Slice - 62.9 grams Dora Pallasite Meteorite Slice -
Choteau Conception Junction Dora

Fukang Pallasite Meteorite Collection Glorieta Mountain Pallasite Meteorite
Esquel Fukang Glorieta Mountain

Imilac Collection Jepara Pallasite Meteorite Slice - 16.4 grams Karavannoe Pallasite - 44.1 grams
Imilac Jepara Karavannoe

Marjalahti Pallasite Meteorite Molong Pallasite - 32.9 grams Mount Vernon Pallasite - 244.8 grams
Marjalahti Molong Mount Vernon

NWA 2957 Pallasite Meteorite - 218.8 grams NWA 10023 Pallasite - 31.4 gms
NWA 2957 NWA 10023 Oued Bourdim 001

Pallasovoka Pallasite Meteorite Slice - Quijingue Pallasite Meteorite Collection  Sericho Pallasite Meteorite
Pallasovka Quijingue  Sericho

Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite Collection Shirokovsky Sommervelle County Pallasite - 5.8 grams
Seymchan Shirokovsky Somervell County

South Bend Meteorite - 70.91 grams Springwater Meteorite
 South Bend Springwater  Sterley

Thumrayte Pallasite Meteorite- 3.4 grams
Thumrayt  001 Tibetian Pallasite


Bondoc Meteorite - 24.1 grams

Estherville Meteorite - 205.4 grams NWA 8741 Mesosiderite Slivce - 405.7 gms
Estherville Lamont NWA 8741

NWA 1827 Meteorite - 23.7 grams Timbuktu Meteorite Slice 138.6 gms Vaca Muerta Meteorite - 111.4 grams
NWA 1827 Timbuktu Vaca Muerta

Iron Meteorites

Agoudal Meteorite Collection

Arlington Meteorite 343 grams Bluewater Campo del Cielo Meteorite Collection
Arlington Bluewater Campo del Cielo

Cape York Meteorite Carver Meteorite Slice - 215 grams
Canyon Diablo  Cape York Carver

Chinga Meteorite Slice - 139.5 grams Colonia Obrera Meteorite - 208.2 grams Dronino Meteorite Collection
 Chinga Colonia Obrera Dronino

Unclassified New Arizona Iron! Franconia Iron Collection 1258 gram Gebel Kamil Meteorite
Elk Flats  Franconia Iron (SW 005) Gebel Kamil

168 gram Gibeon Meteorite Henbury Meteorite Collection
Gibeon Grant   Henbury

Iron Meteorite 32 kg Licking Iron Meteorite Slice - 43.1 grams Maslyanino Silicated Iron Meteorite - 257.1 grams
Iron Meteorite Licking Maslyanino 

Miles Meteorite - 300 gm Mount Dooling Meteorite Slice - 623.8gm Mundrabilla Meteorite
Miles Mount Dooling Mundrabilla

Muonionalusta Meteorite Collection Nothing Meteorite Nova Petropolis Meteorite - 41.8 grams
 Muonionalusta Nothing  Nova Petropolis 

NWA 6903 - 120.7 grams NWA 11,289 - 71.1 grams
NWA 6903  NWA 8568  NWA 11,289

Odessa Meteorite - 5,607 grams Page City Meteorite - 469.2 grams Point of Rocks
Odessa Page City Point of Rocks

Saint-Aubin Meteorite 127 grams Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Individual - 657.1 grams
Sacramento Mts. Saint-Aubin Sikhote - Alin

Taza Meteorite - 793 grams Toluca Meteorite - 310.2 grams Udei Station Meteorite 54.7 gms
Taza Toluca  Udei Station

Stone Meteorites

Abu Panu Meteorite - 181.5gms New Arizona Chondrite
Aba Panu Allende Antler Hills

West Texas Collection Barnstable Meteorite 52.2gms
West Texas (Ash Creek) Barnstable Bassikounou

Battle Mountain - 102.35 Bilanga Meteorite Slice - 37.6 grams Buck Mountains 002 Meteorite - 46.3 grams
 Battle Mountain  Bilanga Buck Mountains 002

 Buck Mountain Wash Collection Katherine's Landing Meteorite
Buck Mountain Wash Bullhead City Buzzard Coulee

Camel Donga Meteorite - 30.6 grams Coon Butte Collection
Camel Donga Chelyabinsk Coon Butte

Click to see more of our Franconia collections! Gao=Guenie Meteorite - grams Gold Basin Meteorites
Franconia Gao-Guenie Gold Basin

Ghubara Meteorite 38.3 grams Holbrook Meteorite Collection
Ghubara  Gujba Holbrook

Johnstown Meteorite - 7.43 grams Juancheng Meteorite - 72.6 grams
Johnstown Juancheng Katol

23 gram Mifflin Meteorite! Millbillillie Meteorite - 9.5 grams Mohave Mountains Meteorite - 119.7 gms
Mifflin  Millbillillie Mohave Mountains

NWA LL3 Meteorite Slice - 117 grams NWA 769 Meteorites - 5.0 grams
Murchison NWA 11,905 NWA 769

NWA 8386 Meteorite - 33.3grams NWA 10.800 Meteorite - 156 grams
NWA 7831 NWA 8386 NWA 10800

NWA 10817 - 25.5 gms NWA 12,842 Meteorite Slice - 63.2 gms Impact Melt Slice- 249.4 grams
NWA 10817 NWA 12,842  NWA  12924

Palo Verde Mine Meteorite Collection Park Forestr Meteorite 22.3 grams Portales Valley Meteorite - 162.9 grams
Palo Verde Mine Park Forest Portales Valley

Scarham Creek Meteorite 26.5 grams Stewart Valley Meteorite - 12.0 grams Sutter's Mill Meteorite - 22.3
Scarham Creek Stewart Valley Sutter's Mill

Tagish Lake - .92 gms Tatahouine Meteorite - 15.9 grams Tissint Meteorite - 2.18 grams
 Tagish Lake Tatahouine  Tissint

Trilby Wash Meteorite Collection Vinales Meteorite 46.88gms Wickenberg Meteorite - 30.6 gms
Trilby Wash Vinales Wickenberg

Winner Meteorite - 214 gms Zag Meteorite - 115.7 grams
Wiluna  Winner Zag

Other Stellar Things In Our Collection!

Copper Sculpture Collection
Copper Sculpture

A nice Meteorwrong! Click here for our Gold Collection!
Meteor-Wrongs Gold Nuggets Lybian Desert Glass

Moldavite Collection Other cool Finds!
Meteorite Knives Moldavite Other Cool Stuff

Iron Meteorites For Sale
Diamond in Meteorite
Iron Meteorites
Diamond in Meteorite

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