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The Kansas Adventure

     Kansas trips are always special to me since I grew up in Kansas. The funny thing is that even spending all my life there until 2003 when I moved to Arizona, I had hardly ventured out of the area I lived in.  So when the opportunity arose to go to Kansas and search for the Admire Pallasite I was very excited. Not only was I going to get to go home but this strewnfield was only 100 miles from where I grew up! Combine that with the fact that I had started working on a music album and the studio was back home made this a must go adventure!

        Going to the Admire strewnfield had been only a thought in our minds until we happened to watch the tv show Meteorite Men. In their pilot episode, they go to an area they call the "Alpha" site - which we were able to figure out was the Admire -  so we decided to give it a go. We were not the first to figure out where they were, but due to the nature of the Admire, not too many people seemed to want to hunt for it. but hey - a pallaiste is still a pallasite, even if it does have a tendency to rust.

      We made it to Admire the beginning June of 2009 and got to work!  Wwe found several landowners  around the areas we could not go on that would allow us to search. Even so it was a tough hunt and actually took 14 days until we found our first one!

The first find! Admire Pallasite Meteorite Individual

     We had asked our friend Guy Fichtelman to help us with this project, and he made it about 30 minutes after we dug up that first Admire Pallasite Meteorite. Talk about timing!

We hunted for another 14 days to no avail.....and then decided it was time to go back to Arizona for a little bit. Below are some pictures of the scenery in Kansas.

    In July and August, we went back for a couple weeks. It only took one day to get on land that had multiple meteorites on it and from there we were recovering them every evening when the local folks could come and join us i the fun. It was really neat to have so many people come and to let them actually be the one to pull them out of the ground for the first time. Plus, it saved Keith having to do all that digging!!!

We didn't only work, though......

   This was the haul one day when Keith and Nick went fishing! One great thing about Kansas is that almost ever piece of ground has a pond and they are all well stocked!

    Kansas will always be a place we go back to - whether it is to search for the Admire Pallasite Meteorite or to work on my music. My album is almost done, but I have been writing more songs all the time, so we will be going back for years to come!

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